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New Mask Plus Detail

My best masks, known as Mask Plus, are now even better!

I’ve added a hidden channel in which you can slip an aluminium strip, which you then simply mould over the bridge of your nose for a much better fit, especially if you wear glasses.

Having tried them out, they omit any condensation that us specs wearers can sometimes get, making them the best mask ever!

The aluminium strip is removeable, as you really don’t want them to slip out in the washing machine.

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Keeping Busy in Lockdown

Having hardly left the house since March, I’m so thankful that I have hobbies that have kept me sane(ish) during the pandemic. There is only so much housework one can stand after all.

This week I have been mostly making make-up bags and pouches – brilliant for dog-walkers!

They have just the right amount of room for some poo-bags, treats and any other bits & pieces you need, and clip on to a belt so you don’t need to take a bag with you. The ideal Christmas present!